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Sauk Village FOIA Responses

Previous FOIA Requests and Responses

FOIA Requests and their fulfilled responses will be available on this page

Number Requested By Date Completed Method Foia Description
16-1-4 Joe Wiszowaty 1/15/2016 emailed Funds,donations Carols Coco event
16-1-12 Chris Freiberg 1/19/2016 emailed Surety bonds held by J.Griegel 2013-present
16-1-19 RayBurn Fire  2/9/2016 emailed Fire/Police reports for 22534 Jeffery
16-1-20 Bernice Brewer 1/27/2016 emailed Leak Survey Update
16-1-20 2 Joe Wiszowaty 1/28/2016 emailed Info on Cocoa and Carols
16-1-21 1 Bernice Brewer 1/28/2016 Voluminous Water fund balance,transfer,money owed
16-1-21 2 Bernice Brewer 1/28/2016 Voluminous Complaints filed against Village Board
16-1-21 3 Bernice Brewer 1/28/2016 Voluminous List of Occupied houses no water bills
16-1-21 4 Bernice Brewer 1/28/2016 Voluminous Minutes Senior Committee 2015 to present
16-1-22 1 Pat Couch 1/27/2016 In Person Corn and Dog Roast purchases expenses etc.
16-1-22 2 Pat Couch 1/27/2016 In Person Parks and Rec Minutes and members 
16-1-25 1 Bernice Brewer 1/28/2016 Voluminous Water Main Break updat 2015-present
16-1-25 2 Bernice Brewer 1/28/2016 Voluminous Fire Hydrant update 2015-present
16-1-25 3 Bernice Brewer 1/28/2016 Voluminous Certain Vendor history 2015-present 
16-1-25 4 Bernice Brewer 1/28/2016 Voluminous Street Light Update 2015-present
16-1-25 5 Bernice Brewer 1/28/2016 Voluminous CNN Funds balance,transferred
16-1-25 6 Bernice Brewer 1/28/2016 Voluminous Credit Card Statements 2012-present
16-1-26 Ed Shankel 1/26/2016 In Person Arrest Reports for 1854 221st Dec 2011-present
16-2-1 Founders Insurance 2/9/2016 emailed Police,Fire Reports for 22534 Jeffery
16-2-3 1 Al Molinaro 2/3/2016 emailed Coolective Bargaining agreement between Village and Police Officers which expired 4-30-15
16-2-3 2 Paul Bluethner 2/4/2016 Faxed Any and all 311 & 911 calls for 2111 217th St from July 1-2015 to present
16-2-3 3 Kristen Humphrey 2/9/2016 emailed Electronic purchasing records from 10-28-15 to current.
16-2-9 Joe Wiszowaty 2/10/2016 emailed Info On Truck verses House
16-2-9 2 Bernice Brewer 2/17/2016 emailed Credit Card Statements 2012-present
16-2-9 3 Bernice Brewer 2/17/2016 emailed Complaints filed against Village Board
16-2-16 1 Paul  Kempa 2/17/2016 emailed Police records for 22401 Strassburg
16-2-16 2 Samara King


  Police report for Oct from King
16-2-17 Joe Wiszowaty 2/18/2016 emailed Copy of Ord 08-62 & 08-63 inregards to salaries for elected officials 
16-2-19 R&R Rubino Ruman 3/1/2016 emailed Accident reports for certain persons
16-2-26 Brad Austin 3/8/2016 emailed Unfunded cash,ecrow,checks etc.
16-3-1 Joe Wiszowaty 3/8/2016 emailed Summary report for any all transfers from the general fund
16-3-1 2 Hope Moody 3/8/2016 In Person All Criminal Activity for 21726 Carol
16-3-4 Andrew Schroedter 3/8/2016 emailed Contracts for GW Assoociates payments
16-3-7 BGA Payroll 3/8/2016 emailed Electronic copy of annual payroll records
16-3-8 Ricardo Johnson 3/11/2016 emailed Hire-discharge date and copy of resignation
16-3-14 1 Ed Shankel 3/23/2016 In Person Minutes for the March 3 Parks/Rec Meeting
16-3-14 2 Ed Shankel     All agendas/minutes for Parks/Rec meetings from May 2015 to present
16-3-15 Amanda Koehn(BGA) 3/15/2016 emailed Copies of Current Union contracts for Police and all government workers
16-3-18 Richard Mustoner 3/21/2016 emailed Arrest Reports summary etc 15/cr 1136012
16-3-23 1 Bernice Brewer 3/31/2016 emailed Collectors report Nov 2015, Dec 2015 & Jan 2016
16-3-23 2 Bernice Brewer 3/30/2016 emailed Senior Committee Meeting Minutes for Jan,Feb and March 2016
16-3-23 3 Bernice Brewer 3/30/2016 emailed Complaints filed against Village Board
16-3-23 4 Bernice Brewer 3/30/2016 emailed Copies of applications for groups/persons that rented the center for the last two years
16-3-23 5 Jerry Stadeker 4/1/2016 emailed All arrest reports at 22311 Clyde Jan 2012-to present
16-3-31 Bernice Brewer   Voluminous List of all sanction committees,dates deemed sanction,ord and resolutions justify committees,state statue 
16-4-6 1 Bernice Brewer   Voluminous Names,postions paid out of water fund and which fund is benefits paid from etc.
16-4-6 2 Bernice Brewer   Voluminous List of Sanction Commitees and dates that committees were santioned
16-4-6 3 Bernice Brewer   Voluminous Date when silver sneaker became santioned/sub committee, last date of operation,balance in account,distribution of funds collected for silver sneaker
16-4-6 4 Bernice Brewer   Voluminous Any and all documents to show that ILEPA loan has been reduced to $825,000
16-4-13 1 Joe Wiszowaty 4/19/2016 emailed Copy of the budget /reviewed by Budget & finance committee April 12, 2016
16-4-13 2 Melissa Mouritsen 4/19/2016 emailed Auditors report for 2005-2010
16-4-15 Citizen Advocacy  4/25/2016 emailed Senior rental agreement,applications etc
16-4-19 Joe Wiszowaty 4/28/2016 emailed Annual Payroll records for Village Employee's
16-5-11 Joe Wiszowaty 5/25/2016 emailed Grant info /communication Illinois Risk Fund in the amount of $18,500 around Feb 2015
16-5-19 Brendan Bakala 5/25/2016 emailed Contracts and payments for Alfred G. Ronan ltd
16-6-8 Patricia Couch 6/8/2016 In-Person Minutes,public notices,copies of video's for town hall meetings 5/1/15-6/1/2016
16-6-9 1 Bernice Brewer 6/16/2016 emailed Ordinance/resolution pertaining water rates 
16-6-9 2 Bernice Brewer 6/16/2016 emailed Employee's paid out of the water fund name and percentage of salary
16-6-17 1 Bernice Brewer 6/23/2016 emailed Test Resulting for Well 1,2,3 from Aug 2015 to present.
16-6-17 2 Bernice Brewer 6/24/2016 emailed Copies of invoices for Salyer Law Office, Chicago Backflow and Republic services and copy of agreement for Salyer
16-7-17 3 Bernice Brewer 6/24/2016 emailed Documents that show the IEPA Loan has been reduced to $825,000
16-6-23 Trustee Washington 6/30/2016 emailed Information  regarding cost ,receipts returned to the elected officials or employee, stipend $300.00 to attend IML for the last two years
16-7-29 Joe Wiszowaty 8/3/2016 emailed IEPA GRANT for $81,565.00 on or about Sept 30, 2015 $14,657.50 on or about Oct 7,2015 documents and application for these grant funds including invoices and accounts payable items.
16-8-3 Joe Wiszowaty 8/12/2016 e-mailed Aging report all unpaid bills, Invoices and billing statements from Rebuplic from Oct 2012-Aug 2016
16-8-9 Brad Austin 8/12/2016 emailed Unrefunded cash,escrow,etc.
16-8-15 Joe Wiszowaty 10/26/2016 emailed Billing statements,other documents showing amounts owed to Skyline/Republic emails to Duluca/Lopez and all emails between the fiance Director, elected officials
16-8-18 1 Bernice Brewer 8/24/2016 emailed Documents showing all donors and the amount donated to Neighborhood watch for the book bags-indicate if money or suppplies were donated
16-8-18 2 Bernice Brewer 8/24/2016 emailed Documents that show the balance in the CNN and Water fund and how much is owed to each one and when is repayment scheduled
16-8-18 3 Bernice Brewer 8/24/2016 emailed Seeking the date and amount paid on the IEPA Loan and balance owed
16-8-18 4 Smart Procure 8/24/2016 emailed Pre program software reports etc.
16-8-18 5 Bernice Brewer 8/24/2016 emailed Documents that show receipts from Trustees and the Mayor for the IML Conference for the last 3 years
16-8-24 Joe Wiszowaty 9/28/2016


Transfer of funds from the water fund to the general fund and that the total owed is 1.3 million as reported at the Board Meeting Aug 23, 16. Documents including minutes etc for transfering funds from the general fund from the period May 1,2015 to Present.
16-8-26 Joe Wiszowaty 9/28/2016 emailed Most current fiscal year to date budget vs actual for 2016-2017, showing amount budget vs actual expended year to date
16-8-26 2 Jeff Butler 8/31/2016 emailed Copy of listing of all Village Employees and postions and primary location.
16-9-2 Joe Wiszowaty 9/28/2016 emailed Provide documents to show petty cash distributions to Lynda Washington for the following amounts: $112.21,$16.00,$27.17,$50.00 as part of the request please provide copies of the receipts,mileage logs and other supporting documents
16-9-19 Terry House 9/29/2016 VOLUMINOUS Several questions on funds for parks and rec how much money was turned in for the corn and dog roast,easter egg hunt,vending machines,id's etc.
16-9-22 Research Policy 9/28/2016 emailed Active/expired contract for Alfred Ronan 2005-2016
16-9-27 Bernice Brewer 10/4/2016 emailed Copies of all lab slips for water testing of Wells 1,2 and 3 also include results for  vinyl chloride
16-9-29 James Harvey 10/4/2016 Pick Up Breakdown of the $1,379,457.32  owed to the water fund. Include the date,amount and where funds were trasferred
16-9-29 2 Francine Anderson 10/11/2016 emailed Documents all funds raised for book bags,play. Copy of petty cash receipts for funds raised for Play and book bag program,general ledger showing deposits,front and back of all vendor checks
16-10-6 Bernice Brewer 10/12/2016 emailed Aging Report-Latest Collectors report-vendor history for Robinson,Skyline/Republic,Oldenson Sterk
16-10-24 Bernice Brewer 10/26/2016 emailed General Ledger that show 8 checks referred to by Trustee Washington for book bag donations 
16-11-3 J.M.Johnson 11/3/2016 emailed All petty cash receipts issued during bottled water distibution July-Sept 2012




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